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Name: Khancoban Mercurial*UK
Breed: British shorthair/BRI
Sex: Female (Neuters)
Color: Blue (BRI a)
Date of birth: 30 september 2001.
Parents Grand Parents

Ch.Achuri Remus
BRI a (Blue)

Ch.Achuri Blue Sage
BRI a (Blue)
Adouzsh Poppie
BRI a (Blue)

Khancoban Barbie
BRI a 03 (Blue & White Bicolour)

Achuri Mercury
BRI a 03 (Blue & White Bicolour)

Khancoban Bluebelle
BRI a (Blue)

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Our News

  • Our alumnus, British Shorthair cat Oddi TinArden (her moniker in new home is MARGOSHA), celebrates 1 year!
    My congratulations to her owner Natalia Zhukova.
    This wonderful litter of tender and smart kittens has turned into beautiful British cats and tomcats.
    This is proved by photos and videos that were sent to us:

  • March 2 and 3, 2013.Moscow.
    The festive show "CATSBURG-2013" took place.


  • On December 23, 2012, Moscow.
    20 International exhibition of cats "CHRISTMAS SHOW" of ASC.
    We congratulate Yatsyuk Anna and the British cat Nikolosa on excellent results!
    CAPIBx1,BIV,Neuter BIS.

  • Video of the British short-haired girl of Tinka is added. Summer 2013.


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